Backing up your website with Plesk
Posted by Tim Botherway on 11 December 2018 01:03 PM

1. Once you login to the Domains4less hosting control panel, click on ‘Backup Manager’ on the right-hand side.


2. In the Backup Manager, you can create backups, restore previous backups and schedule automatic backups to be made. To begin the process just click on ‘Backup’ to get started.


3. For your first backup it is recommended to do a full backup and periodically do incremental backups to save any changes you’ve made along the way then more full backups less frequently.

In the options you can choose if you want to keep the following:
Domain configuration – DNS Settings etc
Mail Configuration and content – All your mailboxes and emails stored on the server
User files and Database – All of your website files and content

Once you’re happy with the settings of the backup, just select ‘Ok’ at the bottom of the screen to begin a backup. This may take several minutes, depending on how much disk space in use there is to back up.

Scheduling Automatic Backup:

You can schedule backups to automatically take place during certain intervals to help automate the protection of your data. Be aware that back-ups will fill up storage quite quickly if you don’t regularly clear out older backups or to backups too frequently. It’s is recommended to save it to an external hard disk like an external hard drive for safe keeping.

In the backup manager click on ‘Schedule’


In the schedule options, you can use the dropdowns to choose daily/weekly/monthly backups. Do take time to read all the options as it gives you the flexibility of how you want to run your backups. When you’re ready to begin the task just click on ‘OK/Apply’

Note: You must select ‘Activate this backup task’ to ensure it routinely runs.


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