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How do I connect my Domain Name to Easybuilder?
Posted by Rowena Barrett on 20 November 2019 03:09 PM


When using Easybuilder to build your website, your website files will be stored on the Domains4Less web server. This means connecting your domain name to your Easybuilder website is as simple as pointing the domain at your cPanel hosting server.

When you purchase Easybuilder and a domain with Domains4Less, we will point your domain at the web server by default.

If you have an existing domain you want to connect to a new Easybuilder plan, or a domain with DNS managed elsewhere, you will need to make a DNS change to point your domain at the web server.


How Do I Find the Web Server IP Address I Need to Point My Domain To?

 In order to find your web server IP address, you will need to login to the web hosting services from your customer account dashboard.



1. Login to your customer account from the Domains4Less website login page

2. Navigate the customer dashboard to the 'Services' menu and locate your Easybuilder plan before selecting 'Manage'.

3. Next select the 'Service Management' option from underneath the heading, before clicking on 'Login' next to 'Hosting Control Panel'.

4. Once logged into the cPanel web hosting control panel, you can find the web server IP address on the right hand side of the page as shown below under '


5. Once you have the web hosting server IP address, you can enter this into your domain names DNS zone to connect the domain to the web server.

** The above IP address shown in these images is an example. Your own individual web hosting server IP address can be retrieved by following the above process from your customer account**

6. If your domain is with Domains4Less, you can add your web server IP address to your domain DNS zone from the domain name management menu.

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