Domain Apps and using Pre-set templates for popular services
Posted by Diego Cousinet on 01 June 2011 11:49 AM


Our Domain Apps are a group of preset DNS templates which allow your site to redirect to third party services. These include Wix, Google apps and many more. To use the services, you will already need an account setup with the Domain App provider.


To link your domain name to the Domain App services follow these steps:


Step 1. Click Here to go to Control Panel and log into you account using your Username and Password


Step 2. Click on the Domains option under Domains tab


Step 3. Click on the Name Server Settings icon in front of the domain you wish to setup DNS template for


Step 5. Under Edit Domain do the following steps

  1. Select Use Default Name Servers option
  2. Open the Template scroll menu
  3. Select 3rd Party - XXXX DNS template for your provider


Step 6. Once you are done click Save button to save your configuration

NOTE: The DNS propagation will initiate and can take up to 24 hours. Typically records within New Zealand update before that time.


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