How to create an email / mail account?
Posted by Somnath Kadam on 11 February 2013 09:57 AM

To create an email address please follow the instructions below.


Step 1. Log into your Domains4Less Control Panel using your Email and Password


Step 2. Select your hosting subscirption form the subscription drop down menu in the top right.



Step 3. Click the Mail tab


Step 4. Click on Create Email Address


Step 5. Now follow the steps shown as followed.

  1. Type the desired email username in Email address section.
  2. Type a strong password in Password section or click Generate to get one automatically. Click Show to see automatically generated password.
  3. Confirm your password in Confirm Password section.
  4. Create a mailbox size in KB, MB or GB for you email address. I have created 1 GB mailbox in this instance.
  5. Once you are done click OK


Step 6. Now your should be able to see at notification if your email address was successfully created.


Step 7. Now you can configure your email client or alternatively your can click on the Webmail icon on right to access your email.


Step 8. Please remember or bookmark the URL (eg. in browser to access your email without logging into control panel.


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