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Posted by Rowena Barrett on 17 July 2019 07:32 PM

Dear Customers,

In response to an article some customers may have seen in today’s NZ Herald we would like to offer clarity on how the relationship with our upstream providers works.

Domains4Less sells .nz domains names under its own accreditations with Internet NZ. This is regulated by the Domain Name Commissioner. For non .nz domains such as .com domains, Domains4Less uses an upstream wholesale provider called SRSPlus (among others). These domains are regulated by global body ICANN.

Domains4Less works with both the DNC and ICANN to ensure regulatory compliance. On the ICANN side from time to time registrants are sent a verification email from SRSPlus. For the protection of registrants security, this needs to be verified within 15 days or else the domain name is temporarily suspended. It is very important that if you own a domain name with Domains4Less that these emails from our upstream providers are not disregarded.

This protection is highlighted to customers when they buy their domain names via the sign up process in the Customer Portal. As reported in the article today, unfortunately for one of our customers the verification email was not checked as the link between Domains4Less and SRSPlus was not fully understood.   

Domains4Less strives to be a listening and learning organisation, in an Internet world that continues to change rapidly. In response to learning of our customer’s challenge we have also added the relevant content to the marketing site to ensure that customers can check the requirements via our website anytime as well as during the registration process. As a registrar our actions are always intended to be in the interests of registrants. We regret our customer’s experience and are grateful to him for his feedback via the article.

In this world of heightened internet security exposures, we encourage any domain name holders to contact their registrar immediately for clarity if receiving any communications in respect of their domains names that they are unsure of.

If you would like further clarification on the terms and conditions associated with your domain name please visit the following links on our website:
View new gTLD Domain Names Terms & Conditions
View other gTLD and ccTLD Terms & Conditions

For any other questions please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team via

Domains4Less Management

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