How do I Request my UDAI / EPP / Domain Transfer Code?
Posted by Tim Botherway on 30 July 2018 06:41 PM

This is applicable for both UDAI(.com) codes and EPP( codes:

1. Go to the Domain summary page for the particular domain you wish to transfer. You do this by selecting Domains on the left-hand menu, then click on the appropriates domain row.

2. Under the ‘Advanced Options’ panel, click on ‘Actions’ and in the drop-down menu, select ‘Transfer Domain Away’.


3. The code will display in a window on your screen. You can then copy this and pass it on to the new registrar.


Can’t transfer my domain, it says the code has expired?
UDAI codes for NZ domains will last 30 days before they expire and a new one will generate on each request. EPP codes don’t expire and only change when you change registrars.

UDAI / EPP code is invalid and doesn’t work?
These will always work so make sure you have no spacing at the front or back when submitting the code. If it is still not working, get in touch with our support team so we can help you out. With UDAI codes you can check if they’re valid on the Domain Name Commissions website via

How do I unlock my domain for transfer?
This is only for .com domains, but you can put a registrar lock to protect them from being fraudulently transferred out. But to unlock them do the following; go to domain summary; under advanced options panel select “Disable/Enable Registrar Lock’ under the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu.

I just registered a domain, and I can’t transfer it?
For NZ domains, there is a five day stand down period before transfer, for .com domains there is a 60 day wait for transfers.

How long does it take to transfer a domain?
.com domain can take 7 days, are instant.


What is a transfer code?
These codes are used to provide authority of the domain, as only an account owner can access the transfer code, it shows they can have full access to do as they please with the domain. These transfer codes can also be known as auth codes, domain key, domain secret.






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