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How do i enable DNSSEC on a domain
Posted by Tim Botherway on 30 July 2018 07:28 PM



1. Go to the Domain summary page for the particular domain you wish to transfer. You do this by selecting Domains on the left-hand menu, then click on the appropriates domain row.

2. Under the ‘DNS Hosting’ panel, select the ‘Actions’ dropdown and click on ‘Enable DNSSEC


3. DNSSEC will instantly go active, and you can verify this by doing a WHOIS on the domain.


Should I bother with DNSSEC?
Yes, this is an extra security feature that doesn’t affect your domain or hosting in any way and we highly recommend it.

What exactly does it do?
Simply put, it helps protects the user from being affected by redirections to fraudulent websites, man-in-the-middle attacks and unintended addresses. You can read more information from ICANN’s website here:


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