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How Do I Cancel My Services?
Posted by Tim Botherway on 30 July 2018 08:10 PM

How do I manually cancel my services?

1. Cancellations are made from within your Accounts control panel. Login into your account and select the type of service you want to cancel on the left navigation panel. For example, choose Domains for domain cancellations or click on hosting for hosting cancellations.

2. Go to the service summary page, this is done by clicking on the domain, or by selecting ‘Actions’ >> ‘View Summary’.

3. On the various panels in the summary, you may cancel various components of the service individually. You can find the cancel options under the ‘Actions’ drop-down on each panel. An example of domain cancellation is below:



4. On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to confirm cancellation as well as leaving any feedback on the reason for cancellation.

5. Once confirmed, the system will then cancel the subscription, this may take several minutes.

Deleting Service:

Once the service has been cancelled the record of it will remain. To avoid confusion, you may remove this record, so it doesn’t appear in your account anymore. Deletion is also needed to free up the hostname if you ever choose to use that domain again for another service.

1. Go to the appropriate area that will list all your services (e.g., for Domains you click the Domains button on the left menu).

2. On the ‘Actions’ dropdown next to the service, select ‘Delete’ to remove it



3. Confirm the deletion, and it will then be removed from your account.


Can I get a refund when I cancel?
This is at the discretion of the accounts team, you can apply to them at Most of our services are non-refundable outside the initial cancellation period. All domain renewals are non-refundable.

Do I need to do this when I let my subscriptions expire?
No, the system will automatically take care of this as long as you’ve turned automatic renewal off. This is if you wish to cancel a subscription earlier.

I cancelled the wrong subscription by accident, any way to get it back?
It may be possible but not always guaranteed. Reach out to our support team with assistance in getting it back.

How long can it take to cancel after manually done?
Please allow up to 48 hours for any service to cancel altogether. Usually, it’s done automatically but if any manual work is required our staff will be notified from the system to do clean up work.


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