How Do I Update my Credit Card
Posted by Tim Botherway on 30 July 2018 08:16 PM

How do I update my Credit Card?

1. Once you login to your account, go to Account tab on the left-hand menu (has a briefcase icon).

2. Select ‘Payment Methods’ indented on the left-hand side also.



3. Here you can add in the new payment method by clicking"Add New Payment Method"

4. On the window prompt, select ‘PaymentExpress External’ and go continue.

5. You’ll then be redirected to a secure URL to input your credit card information.

6. Once the new card is added, you can remove the other card from your account, by clicking "Actions" - "Delete Payment Method"

How safe is it to store my credit card?
All credit cards are tokenised and encrypted to ensure the information can not be
relayed elsewhere. We use Payment Express as our payment gateway provider and it runs through their PCI-DSS compliant hosted page.

How do I ensure my credit card is used for Automatic Payments?
With each credit card that is added, it will create its own panel. On these panels, you can select ‘Actions’ then ‘Use for Automatic Payments’. Only one card can be used at a time for automatic payments.

Why have I been charged $1?
This is an authorisation charge by Payment Express to "ping" your card and verify the details. This amount is held for up to 7 days before being returned to you. 

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