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Can I Bring my Existing Website Over?
Posted by Tim Botherway on 01 August 2018 08:11 PM

How do I transfer my website over?

A transfer (also known as a migration), is usually handled by your web developer, someone who specialises in the building and creation of web content. If for some reason you no longer have access to one, you can ask Openhost to migrate the website on your behalf. This is done on a no success no fee agreement, but if successful the service fee will be $130 per hour, minimum charge of 30 minutes to perform the task.

If interested, create an account with a hosting plan and fill out the below template and send it to

Old Host Login URL:
Old Host Username:
Old Host Password:
Old Host IP:
Confirm if you have SSH Access:

I agree to the cost of $130 per hour, minimum charge of 30 minutes for a successful migration.


Is there any issues transferring from cPanel to Plesk?
Nope, we have performed many migrations between the two CMS with no problem.

Do you migrate e-mail as well?
At this stage, it is not a service we offer. It is best to get your IT provider to back up email and restore it locally.

How fast can I get this done?
We advise allowing up to 48 hours for the migration to be completed. Depending on the size of the and complexity of the migration as well as our workloads they are not prioritised.

On average how long does migration take?
Typically only 30 – 60 minutes if it was Wordpress website if it’s a large e-commerce website with a lot of plugins that need to be tweaked this may take longer, but we will always try to keep you in the loop and not sting you with a massive bill.




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