Managing SQL Databases
Posted by Tim Botherway on 23 May 2017 12:31 PM

SQL Databases are managed in reference to a hosting subscription to which they are attached. To view, modify or add databases the following directions apply:

  1. Log into the Plesk Panel
  2. Choose your hosting plan from the Subscription drop-down box (top right)
  3. Beneath the domain/subdomain you wish to manage, either:
    • Click the Databases link to add, modify or remove any existing database(s) or database user(s)
    • Click the Add New Database button to create a new database
    • Click the Select Existing Database link to modify any existing database(s)

    • Note: The 'Select Existing Database' link does not appear when there are currently no databases attached to the subscription

Adding a new database

  • Database name can be arbitrarily set to a user-defined value. This must be a name that does not already exist as a database on the server. If a database name error appears, you will need to change it
  • Type: Microsoft SQL Server® is only available to Windows® hosting plans. Linux hosting subscriptions only offer MySQL™ databases
  • Database user name when creating a new user this must be unique the the database

Modifying a Database

  • To perform data backups, optimise tables, manually manipulate information or otherwise manage an existing database, click the phpMyAdmin link toward the right hand side of the database you wish to manage

  • Note: The database administration utility (PHPMyAdmin for MySQL™ or MyLittleAdmin for Microsoft SQL Server®) will open in a new window or tab. If nothing happens when clicking this link, you will likely need to change the pop-up blocking settings in your browser to allow this

Removing a Database

  • To remove a database, go to Databases from the 'Websites & Domains' tab.  Here it will list the Database with the following information, just select the "Remove Database" link.
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