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How do I transfer my domain from one Web Drive account to another?
Posted by Diego Cousinet on 17 February 2011 02:01 PM

The following explain you how to transfer a domain registration from one Web Drive account to another:

  • For NZ domains:

Customers should use the UDAI of their domain name to transfer between accounts.

  • For International Domains (com, net, org, info....):

Customers need to follow the following steps if the domain registration of a domain is to be moved from one Web Drive account to other:

  1. Web Drive staff will send a security code to the Registrant email address.
  2. The registrant email address holder should reply back to the Web Drive support's email advising the new control panel username where the domain needs to be transferred and that they accept the terms and conditions of having a domain name with Web Drive.  Please note, this needs to be stated explicitly to avoid any delay in getting your request actioned.


The following explain you how to transfer a domain's hosting resources, ie website and email addresses (including files and databases) from one Web Drive account to another:

  • Firstly, we need support requests from both of the accounts as per below (
    • The customer who has the website / email addresses in their account needs to send us a support request  advising us that they authorise the transfer.
    • The customer who is accepting the website / email addresses needs to send us a support request advising that they accept the Web Drive's Terms and Conditions for hosting and appropriate hosting charges that apply to that account for hosting a website / email addresses.
  • Secondly,
    Depending on the complexity of the transfer, there may be a charge for the transfer.  The Web Drive Support staff will advise the customer on the charges.  Typically, we charge $100 per hour where there is a base fee of 1/4 hour work ($25).  The prices quoted here are excluding the GST.  Also, once the transfer is done, customer needs to check that their website and emails are working and advise Web Drive Staff of any issues.  Web Drive staff will try to resolve any problems and since Web Drive is only involved in moving the contents, any website issues will need to be looked by the developer of the website and advise us the way of fixing the problem as we do not go in to any web development or debugging work.


The following explain you how to transfer the ability to host a website (Email, Website, DNS) in to your account and that you do not want to liaise with the other account holder:

  • We will get in touch with the present account holder for your website settings.
    • If they agree, then we will provide you the hosting ability.  We will not transfer any files or email addresses.
    • If they do not agree, then unfortunately, you will need to find another host.


Note: In any of the steps above, a support request is required (  We believe that this is the most efficient and secure way of communicating with us as the customer has to log in to their management portal that is provided to them when they join us.

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