How do I set up an email address?
Posted by Diego Cousinet on 17 February 2011 02:49 PM

Step 1. Click here to go to Control Panel and log into you account using your Username and Password.


Step 2. Now Click on Email under Services tab.


Step 3. Your domains are listed on the right side of the page. Find the domain you wish to add an email address to, then click its envelope icon.


Step 4. Click Add Email Address... link in the Email Addresses section of the page.


Step 5. Setting up an email address requires an email name and password; other settings are optional.

You can either choose to add a mailbox which stores the email messages on our system with 'Add mailbox' and/or 'Add Forwarding' which will forward the message to another email address. The Password and Confirm Password fields must match. You can use our quick password generator to place a new password for you by clicking on 'Generate Password'. The password will be printed out underneath.


Step 6 (optional). Spam settings for the email address can be set as well, by clicking on the Spam tab. You can either choose to have the email address use its Domain's spam settings (the default) or define settings for the email address itself, by unchecking the Use domain spam settings checkbox. The threshold value is the spam score that must be exceeded before the Spam Action is performed; the more likely an email is to be spam, the higher its spam score. Setting the Threshold value higher means less email will be marked as spam.

The spam action can either be Leave them in the Inbox (messages recognised as spam will have ***SPAM*** added to their subject and delivered email address), Quarantine them in the Spam folder (messages recognised as spam will be delivered to the email address' spam folder) or Delete them (messages recognised as spam will be deleted).


Step 7 (optional). Authenticated SMTP can be enabled for the email address, this will allow you to send email through our SMTP server using authenticated SMTP. You can enable Authenticated SMTP for the email address by clicking on the SMTP tab, then clicking the Onradio button.


Step 8. After setting all the options you require, click the Add button.


Note: The email address will be made active immediately.

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