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How do I administrate a MySQL database?
Posted by Diego Cousinet on 17 February 2011 03:56 PM

Step 1. Click Here to go to Control Panel and log into you account using your Username and Password


Step 2. Click on the MySQL 5.5 Databases option under Services tab


Step 3. Click on Admin link next to the username that you wish to administrate the database as


Step 4. In the opening window, click on the database you want to administrate 


Step 5. Each tab allows you to perform a set of administrative actions on your database:

  • Structure allows you to add, browse, search, insert rows into, empty and drop (delete) tables.
  • SQL is where raw SQL queries can be executed.
  • Search can be used to search databases in a more user-friendly method than raw SQL queries.
  • Query assists you in building a SQL query without needing to fully know SQL syntax.
  • Export is used to export your database to a variety of formats (SQL, LaTeX, PDF, Microsoft ® Excel & Word and CSV).
  • Import takes a SQL file and executes it on a database; this can be used to rebuild a database from a backup.
  • Operations lets your perform other miscellaneous operations, such as creating new tables on a database or renaming or copying a database.



Step 6. By default, the Structure tab is selected. Each table in your database is listed, and for each table you can:

  • Edit its structure,
  • Browse its contents,
  • Search it,
  • Insert data into it,
  • Empty it (delete all the data within but leave the structure intact), and
  • Drop it (delete the table and all its contents)


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