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About file permissions and ownership with FTP
Posted by Diego Cousinet on 21 February 2011 10:55 AM


It is important that files you upload have the correct access privileges assigned to them, so that, for example, people can read the files you want them to read, and your web server is able to write to the files if it has to.

You can change the permissions and access privileges of a file using your FTP client. Each file and folder has three types of permissions assigned to it:

  • Those for the owner
  • Those for the owner's group
  • Those for everyone

The permissions that you can assign to a file or folder are:

  • read (r)
  • write (w)
  • execute (x)

For example, the file's owner should be able to write and read a file, while "everyone" should only be able to read.


  • The permissions can only be set for files on a Linux FTP server, as Windows FTP servers use "Access Control Lists" for managing file permissions.
  • For more information of changing permissions on a file using FTP, consult the manual for your FTP client.


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