Do you offer a shared SSL certificate?
Posted by Diego Cousinet on 28 February 2011 09:01 AM


We offer shared SSL certificate as part of our Starter, Lite and Ultra hosting plans through our following shared addresses:

  • (PHP 4.4.9) (Linux server)
  • (Linux PHP 5.2.17 server)
  • (Windows server 1)
  • (Windows server 2)
  • (Windows server 3)

When you set up a website address you can create a sub-folder of our secure address as another way of accessing your website.

i.e. and point to the same folder on your account.

To reiterate:


will point to the same site / folder as you set up in your control panel website settings.



If you have an order page called:

then on your site you would link to this page as:


Note: There is no additional fee for using the shared SSL certificate.



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