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How can I make my website secure?
Posted by Diego Cousinet on 28 February 2011 09:03 AM

There are two options for creating a secure site, getting a certificate or use our shared secure host:


Option 1: Getting a certificate from a certificate authority like Verisign or Godaddy or to be installed on your website. Following steps are involved in this option:

Step 1. Get us to create CSR for the domain name (please send us a support request).

Step 2. Get a certificate from a Certificate Authority like Verisign or Godaddy or (Customer to do so).

Step 3. Reply to the ticket created in the Step 1 with the Certificate that you received in the Step 2.

Step 4. We (support) will install the certificate for you on your site for the charge of $50 which includes the price for the dedicated IP address.

Note: This Option will give you a proper certificate where it will be installed to your domain name so that you will be able to use


Option 2: To use our shared secure host. Please follow this documentation.

Note: The option 2 is different to the Option 1. Where the Option 1 allows your domain name to be associated with the Security, in Option 2, the website will be accessed from either the safeshop or the secureserver addresses.

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