How to change the auto-renew options in my Domain Reseller account
Posted by Somnath Kadam on 20 August 2012 10:09 AM
By default, all domain reseller accounts have the auto-renewal option disabled. This is an account wide setting and you can choose to auto-renew either .nz only, gTLD only or both. Enabling this option will auto-renew all domains, unless auto-renew is disabled on the specific domain.

Step 1. Click Here to go to Control Panel and log into you account using your Username and Password


Step 2. Click on the General Settings option under Domain Reseller tab


Step 3. Expand the Auto Renew Global Settings tab


Step 4. Enable your Auto-Renew options


Note: The other available options are :

  • "Top-up my account for te renewal total before proceeding with an Auto Renewal" - this option will auto-topup your account should there not be enough money to purchase domain.
  • "Allow your clients to change Auto Renew" - Will not auto-renew when your client chooses not to.
  • "Disable manual renewals for your clients" - Disables control of auto-renewal as above.


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