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Edit or change the resources on my existing Server
Posted by Somnath Kadam on 31 January 2013 05:22 PM


Any time after you have created your cloud server (Virtual Machine), you can adjust the RAM, add a new Storage disk and update the server name. Unfortunately, you cannot edit disk existing storage sizes - more information is detailed in KB article discussing storage disks.

Please be aware that this process requires the server to be stopped and started during editing resources.


Step 1. Log into your Cloud Control Panel using your Username and Password


Step 2. Select the desired server from the server list column and click the Stop button


Step 3. Click now on the Edit button


Step 4. You can now Edit your account, agree to the terms then save clicking on OK


Note: You must turn on (or restart) your VM after changing your resources for billing to be updated with the new resource allocation. Failure to restart may result in variances in billing reports.

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