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Cloud Control Panel overview
Posted by Somnath Kadam on 01 February 2013 04:24 PM


The Cloud Control Panel will assist you to manage all servers within your account. You can create and manage servers, firewall rules and get usage tracking and accounting information.



  1. Header Navigation | Only “Cloud” is active during our beta period.
  2. Primary Navigation
    • compute | manage and create Cloud Servers.
    • network | manage and create Network rules, firewall and High Availability network options.
    • storage | manage storage disks and snapshots.
  3. New Machine | Create a new server (only visible via the “compute” tab).
  4. Search and filter options | Filter the view of your servers in the (6. server list). Search by name or filter.
  5. Current tasks | Shows the active tasks occuring this session (new servers, nat rules, edit, etc).
  6. Server list | Displays your servers, based on filter results from section 4.
  7. Server action bar | Start, stop, restart, destroy, reset pw and edit your servers.
  8. Server status | Shows a detailed overview of your server
  9. Account balance | Click to access the in-depth Usage Tracking and Trace tool (UTAT)
  10. Logout | Log out of current session
  11. Load VM Console | Web based RDP / SSH client (During Beta period, other RDP and SSH client usage is advised).
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