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About data disk
Posted by Somnath Kadam on 05 February 2013 10:43 AM


Data disk allocation is required for storage over the capacity of the default storage disk for your server. It may also be used to separate data from the OS partitions where needed.

Although you can have as many data disk drives as needed, you will need to create them from the “new machine” prompt (along with a new server) or edit an existing server. There is no support currently to add disks from the “Storage” tab.


  • The data disk is not visible within my cloud server (linux)

You will need to mount the drive in order to use the disk after creation. You can attach and detach disks to other servers within your Control Panel.


  • I’ve deleted a data disk, but nothing appeared in the Current Tasks List

The current tasks does not record the “delete volume” task. You will need to check back in 30 seconds to 10 mins, to ensure the disk has been removed.


  • I’ve deleted a server, but the data disk is still active

Data disks need to be removed manually. As persistent storage devices, data disks are designed to be 'mounted' and 'dismounted' from any Cloud Server within your account, this way you can scale your applications. For this reason, they are not automatically deleted with servers.


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