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Using one public IP address to connect to several cloud servers.
Posted by Diego Cousinet on 08 October 2013 08:59 AM


It's possible to use just one Public IP address for SSH'ing to multiple Web Drive Self-Provisioning Cloud Servers. This is an advisable method for several reasons:

  • It's more cost-effective than multiple public IP addresses.
  • Running SSH on custom ports avoids the common brute-force attacks that are targeted to the default ports.
  • Safer practice to avoid various attacks, as public IP and NAT rules can be changed very easily.


How to Set Up:

This knowledgebase article assumes you already know how to set up Secure Shell (SSH) to one of your Servers. (Please see How to set up Secure Shell - SSH).

In the example below, each server uses the standard SSH port (22) on its internal IP address. These are unreachable from the internet. However the single external address has multiple, non-standard ports open, each of which point to the standard ports on the internal range.

  • port 1901 points to port 22
  • port 1902 points to port 22
  • port 1903 points to port 22
  • port 1904 points to port 22

This is a simple and effective method to both increase security for your cloud servers, and reduce the number of external, public addresses you need.

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