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How to set up Apple Mail?
Posted by Adrian Grant on 04 April 2014 04:42 PM


First, make sure that you have created an email address in your Control Panel (To learn click here) and Click here to understand the mail servers settings.


To create an IMAP mail account in Apple Mail in Yosemite, please follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Open Apple Mail

Step 2. Click on the Mail tab, then click on Add Account...


Step 3. In the openning window, check Add Other Mail Account... then click on Continue


Step 4. Fill out the information as follows then click on Create:

° Full Name: The name that will appear in your sent emails

° Email Address: Your email address (in this documentation, we used a test address)

° Password: Your email address that you set up in your Openhost Control Panel


Step 5. A message will appear to tell you that the account must be configured manually, click on Next


Step 6. Fill out the incoming mail server information as follows:


Step 7. A "Verify Certificate" windows should appear, click on Connect


Step 8. Additional information are requiered, click on Next


Step 9. In the openning window, complete as follow then click on Next:

° Port: 993

° Use SSL: Checked

° Authenfication: Password


Step 10. Fill out your outgoing mail server information:


Step 11. The procedure is now completed, to verify your settings, please follow these instructions:

° Go to the Preferences panel, Accounts tab:


° Verify that your settings accord to the following:


Step 12. Quit the Preferences panel without forgetting to save your changes




To create a mail account in Apple Mail in previous OS, please follow these video tutorials:



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