Create a NAT or Firewall rule for your Cloud Server
Posted by Somnath Kadam on 31 January 2013 03:05 PM


In order to SSH or connect to your Cloud server(s) you will need to allow access from specified IP address to your server. You can specify port numbers or ranges if required also. This example shows a generic port creation, we do have an example for Allowing SSH on my cloud server if you want to setup SSH.

You will need to have your externally accessible IP address, this will be requested and is currently named Source Address (displayed shortly)


Step 1. Log into your Cloud Control Panel using your Username and Password


Step 2. Click on the NETWORK sub-section


Step 3. Select Firewall/NAT or choose a Cloud Server. You can create the NAT rule on either a specific cloud server, or specify a server when selecting Firewall/NAT option


Step 4. Click on the NEW RULE button


Step 5. New Rule explanation:

External Addresss: The public IP address of the cloud server.
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Port: Destination

Virtual Machine: Cloud server this rule applies to.
Protocol: as above
Port: as above

Source Address: The CIDR IP address (ie: that you would
like to grant access. Separate multiple values with commas (,)

Step 6. Click OK to validate, check that your rule has been created. A Task will be created under Current Tasks and when it is completed your NAT rule will have been generated.


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