Create a new Cloud Server using Web Drive Cloud
Posted by Somnath Kadam on 31 January 2013 03:28 PM


Our Cloud Servers (also known as Virtual Machines) can use different Operating Systems and be utilised to run any of your applications. The operation of these is similar to dedicated or virtual servers and in this example you will create a New Machine based on an Ubuntu template.


Step 1. Log into your Cloud Control Panel using your Username and Password


Step 2. Click on the NEW MACHINE sub-section

Note: If this button is not visible please select COMPUTE from the secondary navigation bar.


Step 3. Select the desired specifications:

  • Template: Typically, Linux servers come with 10GB OS disks and Windows servers have 30GB OS disks.
  • Deployment Location: The physical hardware location where your cloud server will be created. Automatic suits most purposes.
  • Size: Determines RAM
  • Storage: Determines the size of your storage space and creates a new storage disk. You can attach an existing storage disk to new Virtual Machines at a later stage if needed.
  • Machine Name: Enter your desired machine name, this must be unique for your account



Step 4. 

  • Review daily pricing, the price shown is the daily operating cost of this servers configuration. You can change configurations and the price will update in accordance.
  • Review the agreement terms and conditions and select I Agree
  • Click OK to create



Step 5. The creation process takes approximately 10 minutes once the dialog box is confirmed. You will notice a "Create Machine" task become visible in the "Current Tasks" area (located bottom left of screen). This will continue until your Virtual Machine has been fully setup and is operational. You can continue with any other tasks until the task has completed.

Once the "Current Task" is completed, you will be presented with your Server password.


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