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UDAIs and Transferring Away (4) Managing Contact Details (1)
How do I transfer a .nz Domain to another registrar? How do I transfer a global Domain to another registrar?more topics How do I transfer ownership of a Domain?more topics
Email Forwarding (2)
How do I add an email forward? How do I set up a wildcard email address? more topics
 Can I register multiple Domains at once?
 Yes, you can register up to 20 Domains at once. Follow the directions for registering a single Domain, but enter all the domains you wish to register in the Domain Names text field. This will give you the oppor
 Can I register multiple suffixes at once?
 Yes, you can register the same Domain under multiple suffixes at the same time. Simply follow the instructions for registering a Domain, and select all the suffixes you wish to register the Domain under.
 What do I need to know before I cancel a Domain?
 Please remember that when a Domain is cancelled any web, email and other internet services that use the domain will be disrupted. You should move services to another Domain and have provisions for handling emails and website traffic. New Zealand domain
 How do I cancel a Domain?
 Step 1: In your web browser, go to www.controlpanel.co.nz.
 What does it cost to transfer a Domain?
 Transferring .nz domains between registrars is free. International domains require a 12-month renewal when they are transferred, and the relevant renewal fee must be paid.
 Information for the resellers of Domain names
 Following is the PDF link provided by the Domain name commission of New Zealand for the resellers of the domain names. http://www.dnc.org.nz/content/Final_Reseller.pdf
 What types of Domain can I register?
 We offer the following Domain extensions for registration: .nz Domains Suffix
 Renew Domain Without Logging In
 You may renew a domain without logging in to your control panel. Please use the URL: https://domains.secureserver.co.nz/renewal.php
 Why has my domain been transferred to another owner?
 We will only transfer ownership or edit ownership details of a Domain name once a Change of Name Holder form has been completed by the Domain registrant, or the request has been faxed to us along with proper identification (photo identification f
 How do I register a domain?
 To register a Domain simply follow these steps: 1. Visit www.domains.webdrive.co.nz. 2. Enter one or more Domains and select one or more extensions to check. 3. Once you have the results for your availability check you can search again o
 What happens to a Domain once it's cancelled?
 After cancellation or expiry, .nz Domains are placed on hold for 90 days. During this time you will not be able to use the Domain, but you will be able to renew it. Once the 90 day period is over the name will be made available again for public registrati
 How do I change my Domain name's contact details?
 Step 1: In your web browser, go to www.controlpanel.co.nz.
 What is URL forwarding?
 URL Forwarding (or Website Redirecting) allows you to redirect a domain or subdomain to a pre-existing URL. For example, http://sales.yourcompany.com could redirect to http://www.yourcompany.com/sales/. Each Website R
 What can I do if someone has bought my Domain?
 If you find that someone is using a name affiliated with you (e.g. your company's name) as their Domain name, it is, under some circumstances, possible to reclaim control of the domain. This is undertaken via the
 How do I set up a URL forward?
 Step 1: In your web browser, go to www.controlpanel.co.nz.
 How do I transfer a Domain to Web Drive?
 Answer: .nz Domains Domains cannot be transferred until after 5 days has passed since registration. The first thing you need to do is obtain your Domain name's UDAI. The UDAI stands for Unique Domain Authenti
 What do I need to know before I transfer a Domain?
 Answer: Transferring the web site's domain name affects two different services, web site access and email. Before moving an existing web site to our servers, you should investigate how each one of these services is setup.
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