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 CDN (Content Distribution Network) best practice KB article
 CDN best practice KB article CDN's are an excellent way to serve static content to both nationally based and international site visitors. They work by taking the static content (Images, CSS, flat HTML
 What are your MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server addresses?
 How do I access webmail?
 You can use either: http://webmail.webhost.co.nz or webmail.yourdomain.co.nz You need to replace yourdomain.co.nz in above with your domain name. Note, that this will only work when you are using our name servers and that the webmail dns is se
 What are your A/MX - DNS records?
 We advise using Domain addresses when setting up remote DNS services. The reason is that it allows portability should we ever need to change our IP addresses.
 What are your nameserver addresses?
 Answer: Server Address IP Address
 What are your FTP server addresses?
 Linux hosting / PHP Hosting: ¬†ftp.mydns.net.nz Windows / ASP hosting: win.mydns.net.nz win2.mydns.net.nz win3.mydns.net.nz (All new Windows sites) If your Domain is using our name
 What is my FTP root or Site default directory?
 Linux / PHP Websites You can create your ftp user to point to the direct ftp root of the website or to a folder in which there is another folder where the website files are kept in. You can create a website going t
 What settings should I use to collect my email?
 You can use the following settings to configure your email client: POP3 Setup
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